Current Sponsored Legislation

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CR16-2017 (Co-sponsored) A RESOLUTION adding a reimbursement related to the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee; and generally related to the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee.

CB5-2017 (Sponsored) AN ACT amending the Howard County Code to clarify that court-ordered partitions of real property under certain conditions are not included within the definitions if monitor subdivision or resubdivisions under the Subdivision Regulations; and generally relating to Minor Subdivisions and Resubdivisions.

CB15-2017(Co-sponsored) AN ACT further stating the purpose of Howard County Right-to-Farm Act; recommending certain legal fees under certain conditions; and generally related to the Howard County Right-to-Farm Act.

CB16-2017 (Co-sponsored) AN ACT amending PlanHoward 2030, the general plan for Howard County, in order to amend Growth Tiers, as required by the Maryland Sustainable Growth and Agriculture Preservation Act of 2012; revising certain maps to reflect changes in Growth Tiers; amending text to describe Growth Tiers; and generally relating to planning, zoning and land use in Howard County.

CB24-2017 (Sponsored) AN ACT requiring that any on-site sewage disposal system installed within a major subdivision in the Rural Conservation (RC) zoning district utlize Best Available Technology for Nitrogen removal; and generally relating to on-site sewage disposal systems.