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Key Legislation
Key Legislation
Legislation Sponsored/Co-Sponsored By Councilman Ball
2009 ENRCB1-2009 AN ACT prohibiting the discharge of a gun within a certain distance from certain structures under certain conditions; prohibiting the discharge of a gun in the direction of certain structures; providing for certain exceptions; making certain technical corrections; defining certain terms; and gene
Capital Projects in District 3
Capital Projects in District 3
Planning and Zoning Information
Archived Sponsored Legislation
LEGISLATION BY GREG FOX 2010 2009 2008 2007 2010 2009 ENR Council Bill 1-2009, A2A1, Amended Amendment 1 Introduced by the Chairperson at the request of the County Executive and co-sponsored by Calvin Ball, Greg Fox, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jennifer Terrasa passed as amended with unanimous support
Public Transportation


Parks, Trails and Playground
Parks, Trails and Playground
Libraries and Centers
Libraries and Centers
Recycling in District 3
Safety Tips


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