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Key Legislation

As the legislative branch of government, the Council's major responsibility is approving the laws for Howard County. The Council's powers include annual authorization of the County's operating and capital budgets as well as approval of County tax rates. The legislative body authorizes the issuance of all County bonds and approves all master plans for the physical development of the County. Following are some of the significant enactments introduced during the years listed.



Boutique Hotels (ENRCB7-2012)

Charter Amendment - Inspection of Public Records (CR106-2012)

Charter Amendment - Lasped Appropriations (CR104-2012)

Charter Amendment - Legislative Procedures (CR101-2012)

Charter Amendment - Referendum (CR103-2012)

Charter Amendment - Technical Changes (ENRCR100-2012)

Density Transfer for Community Swimming Pools (ENRCB2-2012)

Downtown Columbia Partnership and Housing Foundation (ENRCB24-2012)

Fees and Rental Housing Licenses (ENRCB10-2012)

Housing Allocation Chart FY2013 (ENRCR116-2012)

Open/Closed Chart 2012 (CR115-2012)

Pick Your Own Enterprises (ENRCB5-2012)

PlanHoward 2030 / General Plan (ENRCB26-2012)



Ethics Law (ENRCB50-2011)

General Plan 2030 - Guidelines (ENRCR117-2011)

Gender Identity Legislation (CB54-2011)

Hilltop Legislation (ENRCR24-2011)

Housing Allocation Chart FY2012 (CR174-2011)

Open/Closed Chart 2011 (CR175-2011)

Property Tax Credit (CB55-2011)

Soil Conservation Fee Legislation (ENRCR80-2011)

Speed Camera Legislation (ENRCB13-2011)

Veteran's and Military Families Commission Legislation (ENRCB3-2011)

Wineries Legislation (ENRCB9-2011)



Adequate Facilities - Downtowm Columbia (ENRCB47-2010)

Bee Legislation (ENRCB55-2010)

Carroll Property Legislation (ENRCR103-2010)

Design Advisory Panel - Downtown Columbia (CB15-2010)

Design Advisory Panel - Route 40 (CB38-2010)

Development Rights & Responsibilities Agreement (ENRCB4-2010)

Downtown-wide Design Guidelines Legislation (ENRCR138-2010)

Produce Stand Legislation (ENRCB40-2010)

General Plan 2000 - Doughoregan Manor (ENRCB9-2010)

Housing Allocation Chart FY2011 (ENRCR101-2010)

Open/Closed Chart 2010 (CR102-2010)

Pre-Submission Community Meeting Notice Legislation (CB50-2010)

Route 40 Design Manual (CR86-2010)

Signs - Downtown Columbia (ENRCB56-2010)

Wind Turbine Legislation (ENRCB41-2010)



Discharge of Guns (ENRCB1-2009)

Design Advisory Panel - New Town Redevelopment (CB42-2009)

Disabled Law Enforcement/Rescue Workers Property Tax Credit (CB52-2009)

Downtown Columbia - General Plan Amendment (ENRCB58-2009)

Downtown Columbia - New Town District Revitalization (ENRCB59-2009)

Hot Air Balloons - Exemption from Admission & Amusement Tax (CR5-2009)

Affordable Housing - Guilford Gardens (CR16-2009)

Soil Conservation Fees Legislation(ENRCR65-2009)