Councilmanic Redistricting FAQ

Due to the delay in delivery of data by the U.S. Census Bureau, the date by which the Commission must present a Councilmanic redistricting plan to the County Council, and the date by which the Commission plan becomes law if no ordinance establishing the boundaries of Councilmanic districts has been enacted, will be set by Council Resolution.  Those dates have not yet been determined.  In addition, the Commission will determine a public hearing schedule in the near future.  Although not required, the Commission will hold one or more public hearings according to a schedule to be announced in late Spring.  The projected delayed delivery of the data by several months and resultant compression of the time period within which the Commission will have to do its work, will inform the Commission’s decision on the number of hearings it may practically schedule.  The County Council is required to have a public hearing on the Commission redistricting plan. 

1.  Will Councilmanic Redistricting affect my zip code?

No. According to the U.S. Post Office, ZIP Code assignments are closely linked to factors such as mail volume, delivery area size, geographic location, and topography.

2.  Will Councilmanic Redistricting affect my school attendance area?

No. The County Council has no authority over school redistricting issues and your Council District is not a factor that the Howard County Public School System considers.

3.  What impact will Councilmanic Redistricting have on my candidate choice in future elections?

If your Councilmanic District changes, you will have the opportunity to choose among the candidates who are running for County Council in your new district in the next election.

4.  If my residence is redistricted into a district that is largely comprised of Columbia Association assessed properties, will I have to pay the CA assessment in the future? 

No.  There is a legal process for non-CA assessed land to become CA property.  Essentially, the only way that the annexation process can begin is for the property owner to make an application for annexation to the Columbia Association.

5.  If I am affected by redistricting this decade, will my property be exempt from redistricting in the future?

No.  Following the decennial Census, Howard County must review Council district boundaries to ensure they reflect population changes which may be identified as the result of the Census data findings.  There is no way to predict boundary shifts from decade to decade. 

6.  If my neighborhood is not moved, will I get to keep my current Council Member?

Not necessarily.  There is no guarantee your current Council Member will run in the next election.  If your current Council Member does run, there is no guarantee the Council Member will be reelected.