The Budget Process

Each year, the County Executive presents a proposed budget for the following fiscal year to the County Council.  The Council may decrease proposed expenditures, but may not increase them or change the form of the budget.  The Council adopts a budget each year on or before the first day of June.

The budget development process begins with revenue projections for the County for the upcoming fiscal year. These revenue estimates will determine how much money is available to provide government services, including education, public safety, public facilities, community services and other functions of government. 

In February, the Planning Board reviews the proposed capital program and any new or substantially changed capital project. The Planning Board prepares comments and recommendations regarding the impact of the proposed capital program on the County’s General Plan and the growth of the County and submits those comments and recommendations to the County Executive with a copy to the County Council. 

In April, the County Executive submits the proposed capital and operating budgets to the County Council for its consideration. The Council will hold a number of special public hearings and work sessions to review the proposed budget. Before submitting the proposed budget to the County Council, the County Executive holds public hearings at which residents may express their budget priorities.