Compensation Review Commission 2017

Under the County Charter, the Council is required to establish a Compensation Review Commission in the year before an election year to submit recommendations to the Council relative to compensation for Councilmembers and the County Executive in the following four-year term. (Howard County Code Sec. 5.100-5.101)

Council Resolution 113-2017
Compensation Review Commission 2017 Final Report

Commission Members:

Peter Hong - Partner at the law firm of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP, and current member of the Pension Oversight Commission of Howard County
Deeba Jafri - Community advocate, former board member Muslim Community Center, and President of D.J. Direct Response, Inc.
Teresa Johnston - Principal, Good Life Custom Cleaning, LLC
Jennifer Jones - Community advocate and business advisor 
Pravin Ponnuri - Information Technology Project Manager for the Federal Government and an active member of the Howard County Community.
Steven Sachs - Developed the risk management function at The Rouse Company and was employed as their Risk Manager as an employee and on a contractual basis for over 31 years.
Mary Ann Scully - President and Chief Executive Officer of Howard Bank and chairs the bank’s board of directors.

The Compensation Review Commission 2017 will hold its meetings on the following dates at 6:30 p.m. in the C. Vernon Gray Room of the George Howard Building

September 14 - Agenda     Video     Minutes   
September 28 - Agenda     Video     Minutes
October 11 - Agenda     Video     Minutes
October 18 (Public Hearing) - Agenda     Video     Minutes
October 25 - Agenda     Video     Minutes
November 15 - Agenda     Video     Minutes
November 21 - Agenda     Video     Minutes

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