Liz Walsh Biography

Liz Walsh is a Mount Hebron Viking, Class of ‘89—just in time to be part of Hebron’s first-ever girls’ lacrosse team. Her undergraduate degree is in Civil Engineering. She attended Georgia Tech on scholarship, as a National Merit Scholar. After graduating with honors in 1993, Liz was a project engineer for a national general contractor. She bid and ran construction projects in the field. Wearing a hard hat. Shooting grades. Tracking spreadsheets and schedules inside the hottest or the coldest trailer in the world (depending on the season). And there was definitely a prickly, wicked-smart superintendent always leaning over her desk. If all her projects had been like her last one—rebuilding an old-time swinging bridge over the Cedar Creek in Slaughter Beach, Delaware—Liz probably never would have applied to law school. But she did. 

Liz graduated from Georgetown Law, also with honors, in 2000. For nearly twenty years now, Liz has been a construction lawyer. She drafts and negotiates contracts to design, build and manage construction projects. She advises general contractors and project owners as to what their contracts say, what the law says, and what that means they can and probably shouldn’t do. She also tries cases.

Since 2009, Liz lives in old Ellicott City. When it came time to raise her own family, she returned to her hometown, where her Mom and Dad still live in their same house behind the old Enchanted Forest. She found a century-old four-square in the hills above Main Street and lives there now with her two babies, 6 and 9.