Council Bill 38 (CB38-2019): AN ACT to prohibit certain waivers in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to prohibit certain disturbance of land in the Ellicott City Floodplain; to prohibit specified activities in certain buffers; to provide certain open space requirements in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to eliminate certain fees-in-lieu; to prohibit residential infill under specified circumstances; to prohibit the issuance of certain variances in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; adding certain requirements related to forest conservation plans; to limit forest cover clearing in the Patapsco Lower North Branch Watershed; to specify the afforestation level in certain cases; to alter requirements and procedures to control the adverse impacts associated with stormwater; and generally relating to subdivision and land development regulations. 
CB38-2019 Legislative Summary (PDF)
CB38-2019 Legislative Summary with Amendments (PDF)

Council Bill 32 (CB32-2019): AN ACT requiring that Department of Planning and Zoning designees appear at quasi-judicial Planning Board hearings under oath, under certain circumstances; and generally relating to the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Council Bill 20 (CB20-2019)AN ACT extending the Effective Period of the temporary prohibition on the issuance of certain permits and certain approvals of development plans and zoning changes for property that drains wholly or partly to the Tiber Branch Watershed or the Plumtree Branch Watershed in Howard County that was imposed by Council Bill 56-2018; and declaring this to be an emergency bill.

Council Bill 17 (CB17-2019): AN ACT altering the number of consecutive years a project or phase of a project must be retested each time the County Council adopts new annual housing unit allocations and school capacity charts under the school capacity test of the Adequate Public Facilities Act of Howard County; and generally relating to the testing of residential subdivisions and site development plans for adequate public school facilities.

Council Bill 11 (CB11-2019): AN ACT amending the Howard County Code by altering the minimum buffer of existing forest or wooded area between a road and a new development that is required for any new developments located along scenic roads; requiring a certain buffer to be wide enough to maintain a road’s visual character with a certain minimum width from the road right-of-way; altering the requirements for new developments on Scenic Roads; and generally relating to Scenic Roads.

Council Bill 8 (CB8-2019): AN ACT repealing the mobile home site rental tax; and generally relating to mobile home developments.

Council Bill 3 (CB3-2019): An act amending the Howard County Code by removing certain exceptions for a certificate of approval for new development in a historic district; and generally relating to historic district certificate of approvals.  CB3-2019 Legislative Summary (PDF)

Council Bill 4 (CB4-2019): An act amending the Howard County Code by removing the necessary disturbance exemption for development near wetlands, streams, and steep slopes; and generally relating to the protection of wetlands, streams, and steep slopes.  CB4-2019 Legislative Summary (PDF)