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Housing Resources

Register Your HOA

My office is in the process of updating our Homeowners Association database. If you would like to register your HOA, please send an E-mail to my office at [email protected]. Please include officer information, including names, positions, and contact numbers and/or E-mail addresses. This allows my office to collaborate with our HOAs on community concerns and/or suggestions. I would like to update the District 2 database regarding contact information for those who hold leadership positions in your HOA. Please contact me via E-mail or phone to update our database when changes occur. Thank you!

Are You Having Cable Issues?

The Office of Cable Administration oversees the performance of cable providers in Howard County and the operation of the public access cable channel.  The Office of Cable Administration advises the County Executive and the County Council on matters related to the cable operators.

The Office of Cable Administration investigates cable related complaints and negoitates corrective action with the cable providers.  To report a cable issue or complaint concerning cable providers in Howard County, please fill out the Cable Issues and Complaints Form.

If you are having cable related issues, you may submit your complaint online by clicking here.

Who's Digging In Your Community?

Many of our constituents have brought to our attention issues concerning utility contractors digging in their community. Many of these contractors are sub-contractors of major utility companies. To determine the name of the contractor and the utility company they are representing, please visit Miss Utility online by clicking here.

This website is very informative and frequently updated with up-to-the-minute information on each and every project involving excavation around utilities.

For additional information, please call Miss Utility at 800-257-7777.





Participate in Howard County Government

Your comments are welcome as the County Council reviews legislation. Every third Monday there are public hearings scheduled for testimony to be heard on legislation introduced on the first Monday of the month. You may testify in person or simply submit your testimony by E-mail or fax. All legislative public hearings will take place in the Bannneker Room, George Howard Bldg., 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City.

Volunteer On Our Board and Commissions!

Howard County is well known for our active and informed residents which I proudly represent, and active involvement is the first step in making positive change in our County. At this time, several of our Howard County Boards and Commissions still have vacancies. Members are a vital link between our citizens and the officials who represent them, and it is so important that we fill these positions so that they may be as effective as possible.

For a list of Boards and Commissions, including any special requirements they may have, Board Vacancies. To apply, submit a current resume and cover letter highlighting your interests or experiences that you believe will be beneficial to the Board or Commission to which the application is being made. Letters should be addressed to: County Executive, 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

Be S.M.A.R.T. ... Take Part In Our Government!

Does your community experience a lot of cars speeding along your road? If so, slow down speeders with Howard County Police Department’s S.M.A.R.T Community Program. The Speed Monitoring and Awareness Radar Team (S.M.A.R.T.) provides training to residents on how to use speed enforcement equipment and collect proper data to issue warnings to neighborhood speeders.

This program is restricted to residential streets with a posted speed limit of 35 m.p.h. or less. For more information and details please contact the Traffic Enforcement Section at 410-313-4750.

Transparency In Our Government!

If you believe there has been an instance of fraud, waste, and/or abuse in our government, we want to hear from you! Allegations of Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Howard County Government should be submitted to the Howard County Auditor’s Office. All submittals are encrypted and password protected for security. We treat all allegations in a confidential matter, and we will do our very best to safeguard your identity!

To report an allegation, click here.

If you do not wish to disclose your identity, you may remain anonymous by leaving blank those fields requesting personal information. You should be aware that remaining anonymous may preclude a thorough investigation of your allegation due to insufficient information.

For more information, please E-mail [email protected] or call 410-313-2005.


As a strong proponent of reducing our waste and promoting the use of recycled materials, we must work together to reduce our carbon footprint here in Howard County! Through our recycling initiatives, we have been able to reduce Howard County Government budgetary costs by approximately $500,000.

No More Sorting

County Recycling Program participants may now place their recyclables out all together. Metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles and jars can be combined with mixed paper and cardboard, without any need for bagging or binding the paper separately. One bin or see-through bag will be all you need for your recyclable containers, mixed paper and cardboard. Yard waste will still be placed out separately.

Recycle ... Recycle Your Electronics!

With the amount of computers, televisions and electronics making their way to the landfill, it’s becoming increasingly important to educate our residents on alternatives… eCycle! These electronics may contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic materials which should be properly disposed of. They also may contain valuable metals such as gold, silver and palladium that can be recycled through special programs.

These items may be disposed of at the Alpha Ridge Landfill, Residents’ Convenience Area, 2350 Marriottsville Road, Monday through Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm. Residents will be required to show their drivers licenses as proof of residence in Howard County.

• Computer processors and accessories
• Circuit boards
• Monitors
• Keyboards
• Printers
• Scanners
• Mice
• Cables
• Laptop computers
• TVs
• VCR/DVD players
• Radios/Stereos
• CD Players
• Phones and cellular phones
• Pagers

For additional details, please click here or contact the Bureau of Environmental Services at 410-313-6444.

Recycle Your Cell Phone For A Good Cause!

Did you know you can recycle your old cell phone to help victims of domestic violence? By donating your cell phone to the Sheriff’s department, victims will have access to dial 911 in emergency situations. This donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be given for your records. For additional details, please contact the Domestic Violence Section at 410-313-7554.

Residential Battery Recycling

Have old batteries and not sure what to do with them? Many retail stores offer a customer take-back program including Home Depot, Lowe’s, My Organic Market and Radio Shack. Please click here (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) for additional details and participating locations.

Inclement Weather and Holiday Schedule

For collection information during inclement weather and holidays, click here.

Questions, Problems, Compliments and Need More Information?

Contact the Trash & Recycling Action Hotline at 410-313-6444. Offices are open weekdays 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please feel free to E-mail questions to [email protected].




Report Street Light Outages!

To report out street lights you can E-mail your outages at Report Street Light Outage. By phone you can contact BG&E at 410-685-0123. To expedite repair service, remember to have the specific location of the light and its pole number which is located on its metal tag.

Is Your Street Lacking Sufficient Light?

If you feel your street is lacking sufficient light, the County may be able to provide you with several options. Although the County’s lighting policy only supports new installation of street lights for vehicle safety at crosswalks, intersections, curves, and midblock locations, the County can suggest new light fixture replacements to improve light distribution.

If you would like to request a street light, you can contact the County Traffic Engineering office at 410-313-2430. The office will assess the request and notify the requestor of its decision.

Report Illegal Signs

Illegal signs can distract drivers and impair your vision while driving. You can help us by reporting illegal signs through our online form available by clicking here. Please be sure to describe the location of the illegal sign in the free-form textual area at the bottom of the form.

Unsure what constitutes an illegal sign? A sign erected without first obtaining a permit and complying with all regulations in effect at the time of its construction or use.

For further information on the County’s sign code, the sign permit application process, sign sizes, fees and for other answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Department of Inspections, Licenses & Permits homepage on the County’s website by clicking here or call DILP at 410-313-1830.

School Violence Hotline

The Health Department is pleased to support the Howard County Police in their efforts to address the issue of school violence prevention. The School Violence Tip Line telephone number is 410-313-3250 and is available 24 hours a day. You have the option to leave a message or speak with someone directly.


Summer has arrived and while our residents are out and about, here are a few important things to remember!

- It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog! No one else should or will do that for you.

- Dogs have different styles of play. Know your dog before you visit the park and be sensitive to other dogs and their owners. Watch your dog closely and be prepared to intervene if necessary.

- Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Off-Leash Area. Dogs can and will play roughly and it is not safe for the children or the dog owners.

Off-Leash Area Permit Application.

For additional information about the Off-Leash Area at Worthington Park, visit the HoCoDog website.

We are also pleased to provide a link to Animal Advocates.

Check All Smoke Alarms


What kind of smoke alarm should I get?

There are two basic types of smoke alarms. While both are equally effective, either require you to be familiar with how to work the device. Please be sure to make sure you purchase smoke detectors approved by a major testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

• Photoelectric: designed to detect smoldering, slow burning fires

• Ionization: designed to detect flaming, fast burning fires

Where should I install my smoke alarms?

One located in each room is highly recommended; however, at least one smoke alarm is needed on each floor. Since smoke rises, smoke alarms should be placed on ceilings since. If the ceiling is below an uninsulated attic or in a mobile home, alarms should be mounted on the wall six inches below the ceiling.

How should I maintain my smoke alarm?

• Replace batteries every six months and/or when a "chirping" sound is heard.

• Replace smoke alarms every 10 years.

• Test and clean your smoke alarm monthly.

• It is advisable to vacuum your smoke detector twice a year to remove any cooking grease or dust.

• Do not remove smoke alarm batteries in nuisance situations or borrow batteries for other devices. Consider buying smoke alarms with a "hush" feature instead.




Throughout my term as your District 2 Council Member, I have sponsored and co-sponsored numerous legislation.  In addition, I have had the pleasure to offer my thoughts and comments on legislation that has been introduced before our State Legislature and Congress. Legislation currently under review by the Council can be accessed online by clicking here. To review archived legislation that I have either sponsored or co-sponsored, please click here.




Testimony To The General Assembly

For a synopsis of the House or Senate Bill to which I submitted testimony for, please click on the Bill number below.


Authorizing a limited beer-tasting license. Click here to read my testimony.

HB1271 and SB714 (2008)

To create a course in financial literacy in our educational system. Click here to read my testimony.

HB1242 and SB533 (2008)

To create a task force to evaluate and recommend ways to improve financial literacy among our citizens. Click here to read my testimony.

HB764, SB264, HB0335 and SB1030 (2010)

To create a course in financial literacy as a high school graduation requirement by the State Board of Education. Click here to read my testimony.

HB 472 and SB0276 (2010)

Requiring lenders to perform a loan modification review before filing for foreclosure and permitting homeowners to request mediation with the lender in an attempt to contest a denial of loan modification. Click here to read my testimony.

HB 0338 and SB0641 (2018)

Authorizing the creation of a State Debt in the amount of $175,000, the proceeds to be used as a grant to the Board of Directors of the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership, Incorporated for the acquisition, planning, design, construction, repair, renovation, reconstruction, site improvement, and capital equipping of a mural for the Ellicott City Public Arts Project, located in Howard County; providing for disbursement of the loan proceeds, subject to a requirement that the grantee provide and expend a matching fund; etc.  Click here to read my testimony.

HB 0340 (2018)

FOR the purpose of altering the compensation received by the chair and other elected members of the Howard County Board of Education; providing that this Act does not apply to the salary of the chair and other elected members of the county board during a certain term of office; making stylistic changes; and generally relating to the Howard County Board of Education.  Click here to read my testimony.

HB 0061 and SB0534 (2018)

FOR the purpose of authorizing the creation of a State Debt not to exceed $500,000, the proceeds to be used as a grant to the County Executive and County Council of Howard County for certain development or improvement purposes; providing for disbursement of the loan proceeds, subject to a requirement that the grantee provide and expend a matching fund; establishing a deadline for the encumbrance or expenditure of the loan proceeds; and providing generally for the issuance and sale of bonds evidencing the loan.  Click here to read my testimony.

HB 0223 (2018)

FOR the purpose of exempting from the Howard County transfer tax the sale of residential real property to certain teachers under certain circumstances; establishing the maximum Howard County transfer tax rate applied to the sale of residential real property to certain teachers under certain circumstances; establishing certain qualifications for the transfer tax exemption or rate reduction; providing for the recapture of the transfer tax exempted or reduced under this Act under certain circumstances; defining a certain term; and generally relating to the transfer tax in Howard County.  Click here to read my testimony.

HB 664 and SB543 (2018)

Specifying the State minimum wage rate that is in effect for certain time periods; increasing, except under certain circumstances, the State minimum wage rate based on the annual growth in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area; specifying the tip credit amount that is in effect for certain time periods; prohibiting an employer, beginning July 1, 2026, from including the tip credit amount as part of the wage of certain employees; etc.  Click here to read my testimony.

HB1180 (2018)

FOR the purpose of establishing the Howard County Student Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Teachers; authorizing the governing body of Howard County to establish the Program for teachers employed by the Howard County Public School System; providing for the purpose of the Program; requiring Howard County to assist in the repayment of certain student loans owed by certain teachers who meet certain eligibility requirements; requiring certain loan assistance repayment applicants to demonstrate a certain use of certain loans; requiring the county to establish the amount and terms and conditions of the Program; requiring the county to administer the Program; providing for funding for the Program; defining certain terms; and generally relating to the establishment of the Howard County Student Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Teachers.  Click here to read my testimony.

SB725 (2018)

Authorizing a victim of cyberbullying or a parent or guardian of a victim of cyberbullying to bring a certain action for injunctive relief against a certain individual; authorizing a school principal to make a certain report; requiring school policies prohibiting bullying, harassment, and intimidation to include model procedures for providing certain notice to the parent or guardian of the alleged victim and to the parent or guardian of the alleged perpetrator; etc.  Click here to read my testimony.

SB726 (2018)

Altering prohibited actions relating to electronic harassment of minors; prohibiting a person from maliciously engaging in electronic communication under certain circumstances with a certain intent; prohibiting a person from using an electronic communication to maliciously engage in a certain act or in a certain course of conduct; prohibiting a person from using a computer or a computer network to engage in certain activity with the intent to intimidate, torment, or harass a minor; etc.  Click here to read my testimony.




Listed below is contact information on resources available to our residents in Howard County.

COUNTY COUNCIL 410-313-2001
COUNTY AUDITOR 410-313-2005
RECREATION & PARK 410-313-4700
OFFICE OF AGING 410-313-6410
...BUREAU OF FACILITIES 410-313-2700
...BUREAU OF HIGHWAYS 410-313-7450
...BUREAU OF UTILITIES 410-313-4900