Road Enhancements

MD Route 32 Improvements

 The MD Rt. 32 Phase I project (MD 108 to Linden Church Road) has made great improvements. Construction this winter is primarily work on the storm water management. In the spring, landscaping, grading, resurfacing, and final pavement markings will resume. The MD Rt. 32 Phase I construction is estimated to be complete by summer 2019.

The MD Rt. 32 Phase II project (Linden Church Road to I-70) estimated to begin construction in July of 2019. The Triadelphia Road bridge replacement is expected to start in July. Construction on the southern end of the project and at the I-70 interchange will begin in Fall of 2019.

The Maryland State Highway Administration provides updates on their website about current and upcoming projects. To view the Maryland State Highway Administration’s updates, click HERE.


MD Route 99 Investigation

The Howard County Office of Transportation is leading the MD Route 99 Investigation. Many residents shared their concerns about the safety and congestion challenge on MD 99 (between US 29/MD 70 intersection and Marriottsville Road).

 On December 11, 2018 the Office of Transportation held a meeting to share findings and recommendations from the Route 99 Corridor Investigation. To view meeting materials from this meeting, visit the Route 99 Investigation web-page.

 For additional questions and concerns, please contact David Cookson, Planning Manager at [email protected].  



**You can view updates on all Howard County state road projects via the Maryland State Highway Administration's website