On November 7, 2016, Council Chairman Calvin Ball introduced CR 180-2016, calling on the Human Rights Commission, with support of the associated Human Resources departments and input from the community, to study the recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion practices of the Howard County Government, the Howard County Sheriff, Howard County Library System, Howard Community College, and the Howard County Public School System; requesting that the Commission consider the impact of community perception on those considering entering those roles and the factors associated with the encouragement and recruitment into various fields, degrees and certifications; requesting that the Commission submit a report and make recommendations on the actions, that demonstrate an understanding of changing demographics, that should be taken by Howard County and the community so that it remains a model community; and generally relating to the continuous improvement of human rights in Howard County. On December 5, 2016, the Council passed CR 180-2016.

Human Rights Commission Report - September 2017
Presentation at County Council's Monthly Meeting - 10-10-17