Archived Decision and Orders for 2015

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CASE # - 
BA 15-001V David Wang Granted 04/13/15
BA 15-002N Pine Orchard Sunoco Granted 08/03/15
BA 15-002S Annapolis Junction Apartment Homes, LLC. Approved 09/02/15
BA 15-003S GGT Oxford Venture MD, LLC Granted 09/28/15
BA 15-003C&V Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church Granted 06/15/15
BA 15-004S Gable Signs and Graphics Granted 11/19/15
BA 15-004V YMCA of Central Maryland Granted 04/06/15
BA 15-005C Crossroads Church of the Nazarene Granted 06/15/15
BA 15-005S Gable Signs and Graphics Granted 01/08/16
BA 15-006S Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks Granted 01/21/16
BA 15-006V Ted Naydan, t/a Patio Enclosures, Inc. Granted 06/08/15
BA 15-007C&V Mt. Gregory United Methodist Church Granted 07/09/15
BA 15-008N Diane Crane, t/a Elterhaus, Inc. Granted 08/11/15
BA 15-009C
Recon. Order
Mount Pisgah African Methodist Episcopal Church of Howard County Granted 07/16/15
Granted 01/12/16
BA 15-010N&V Gaines Chapel AME Church, Inc., t/a Gaines AME Church Granted 08/25/15
BA 15-011V Timmy Martins Granted 06/08/15
BA 15-012V Hong Tao Ma Denied 7/29/15
BA 15-014C
Reconsideration Order
Constellation Solar Maryland MC, LLC. Denied 08/11/15
Denied 10/20/15
BA 15-015V Ten Oaks Investors, LLC. Granted 08/17/15
BA 15-016V Millard Taylor Granted 09/02/15
BA 15-017V 7024 Cedar Avenue, LLC. Granted 08/27/15
BA 15-018V Hasan Aboumatar Granted 09/02/15
BA 15-019V John and Leanne Bugert Granted 07/16/15
BA 15-021V Springer Goyne Granted 5/17/16
BA 15-022V Buch LLLP Granted 08/18/15
BA 15-023V Island Group, LLC, Cabaze Restaurant Granted 11/09/15
BA 15-024C&V Naresh C. Das  Denied 5/5/16
BA 15-025N TSZ Properties, LLC. Dismissed 09/17/15
BA 15-026C Streaker Firewood, LLC. Denied  5/17/16
BA 15-027C Cynthia Williams Granted 01/22/16
BA 15-029C&V Timmy & Dale Martins Granted 1/3/17
BA 15-031C Robert and Nancy Berman Dismissed 10/29/15
BA 15-032V Ten Oaks, LLC. Granted 12/02/15
BA 15-033V Patricia Rosen Approved 10/28/15
BA 15-039V Patrick Fingles Denied 01/08/16
BA 15-040V Charles Kyler App/Denied  3/16/16
BA 15-043V Kenneth & Rosalie Caulder Granted  4/19/16
BA 15-045V Security Development, LLC. Granted 2/18/16
BA 15-046C St. Andrews Episcopal Church Granted 6/3/16
BA 705-D Michael Mezzanotte Denied 01/05/15
BA 707-D
BA 707-D Reconsideration
Andrew and Susan Campbell Dismissed 02/09/15
Reopen 03/26/15
BA 710-D Molsen and Sadeid Haghighat Fine Imposed 09/01/15
BA 712-D
BA 712-D, Reconsideration
Ryan Daggle, T/A Complete Effort First Time, LLC Denied 04/30/15
Denied 05/12/15
BA 714-D & 715-D Sophie Ziegler, et al and Toll Brothers Dismissed 06/30/15
BA 719-D Robert Long, Jr. Dismissed  3/7/16