Hearing Examiner Decisions and Orders

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CASE # - 
 BA 21-033V Paul Blom Granted 1/4/22
 BA 21-023C Chesapeake Conference Association
of Seventh-day Adventists
Granted 1/11/22
 BA 21-026C First Evangelical Lutheran Church Granted 1/18/22
 BA 21-025C  Kerger Pond, LLC Granted 2/23/22
 BA 21-028C Chaberton Solar Catherine, LLC Granted 2/24/22
 BA-21-041V Joseph Puciloski Granted 2/25/22
 BA-21-036V Adam Carballo Granted 2/28/22
 BA-21-035V Leela Avula Granted 2/28/22
 BA-21-034V Blue Crabs Unlimited, Inc. Granted 3/7/22
 BA 21-030C Indian One, LLC c/o SGC Power, LLC Granted 3/9/22
 BA 21-038C Your Journey Daycare Granted 3/17/22
 BA 21-029V Robert and Kimberly Miller Granted 3/29/22
 BA 21-031C Community Power Group, LLC Granted 3/31/22
 BA 19-004V Lee Giroux Granted 4/5/22
 BA 21-040C Chaberton Solar Lime Kiln, LLC Granted 4/5/22
 BA 21-032C Phillip Young Kim (Young Joo Kim) Denied 4/14/22
 BA 21-044V Jacob Hikmat Granted 5/4/22
 BA 21-037V Eric Wachsman Granted 5/5/22
 BA 19-018C W.H. Boyer, Inc. Granted 5/5/22
 BA 17-037C&V Angel's Touch, Inc. Granted 5/11/22
 BA 20-021C Gratia Plena, LLC Denied 5/23/22
 BA 21-019C New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC Granted 5/26/22
 BA 21-043C Mounthaven Christian Ministries, Inc. Granted  5/31/22
 BA 21-042V Agape Mission Church Granted 6/14/22
 BA-21-016V Dale Webb Granted 6/16/22
 BA 788D Bernard Rauscher et al. Motion to Dismiss Granted 6/28/22