Decisions and Orders of the Zoning Board (March 2006 - Present)

Decision and Orders from March, 2006 to present for Howard County Zoning Board cases.

ZB 979M HRD-Rezoning 08/27/98
ZB 979MPDP HRD-PDP 09/03/98
ZB 995M G&R Maple Lawn Farm 12/20/00
ZB 1031M (Oakland Mills only)
ZB 1031M (Overall density-NT)
Howard Research and Development Corporation 2/5/04
ZB 1037M Waverly Gardens, LLC. Approved 10/4/04
ZB 1039M G&R Maple Lawn Farm 03/20/06
ZB 1056M The Lutheran Village at Miller's Grant 07/31/06
ZB 1057M Aladdin Rock, LLC 09/05/06
ZB 1058M Morsberger, LLC 09/05/06
ZB 1061M Rajendar M. Saini 09/05/06
ZB 1063M Ken Clements 09/05/06
ZB 1064M Thomas and Leslie Fraley 05/12/11
ZB 1066M Murray Hill PSC, LLC 09/21/07
ZB 1067M Convenience Retailing, LLC 04/17/08
ZB 1068M Brantly Development Group, Inc. 05/27/09
ZB 1069M Ken Clements 03/06/08
ZB 1070M Redmiles Services, Inc.


ZB 1072M Dominic and Tracy Totaro 06/21/10
ZB 1074M Cloverland Farms Dairy, t/a Royal Farms 10/26/09
ZB 1075M Music Fair Road Limited Partnership 06/08/09
ZB 1076M Deep Run Property Mgt., LLC & Horse Farm, LLC. 09/23/09
ZB 1077M Veli Demirel 09/13/10
ZB 1078M Gorman Crossing, LLC and Elm Street Dev., Inc. 12/01/09
ZB 1079M High's of Baltimore 12/01/09
ZB 1080M High's of Baltimore, Inc. and LDG, Inc. 09/13/10
ZB 1081M Murray Hill PSC, LLC. 09/13/10
ZB 1082M Highland Holding, LLC. 03/24/10
ZB 1083M Stephen & Cathy Klein/River Hill Garden Center 10/18/11
ZB 1084M Forest Venture II, LLC. 07/02/10
ZB 1085M Kit Kat Road Partners II, LLC.  
ZB 1086M Preston Capital Management, Inc. 09/13/10
ZB 1087M Camilla & Philip Carroll 09/13/10
ZB 1089M HH Land, LLC. 09/13/10
ZB 1090M Normandy Venture Ltd. Partnership 07/13/11


ZB 1090M Remand

Normandy Venture Ldt. Partnership-remand 07/31/12
ZB 1091MDO Trotter 5857, LLC. 09/06/11
ZB 1092M Jesse Tubb 12/20/11
ZB 1093M 3330 Rogers Avenue, LLC. 09/06/11
ZB 1094M Lewal Partnership 3/19/12
ZB 1095M HRD 4/19/12
ZB 1096M Wilde Lake Business Trust 07/09/12
ZB 1097M Waverly Woods Development Corporation 07/31/12
ZB 1098M Veli Demirel 02/06/13
ZB 1099M Chapel Townhomes, LLC. 09/24/12
ZB 1100M Shangri-La Homes, LLC. 12/20/12
ZB 1101M Elm Street Development, Inc. 09/24/12
ZB 1102M Kellogg CCP, LLC, c/o Preston Scheffenacker Properties 01/17/13
ZB 1104M
ZB 1104 Order
GF Columbia 04/06/15 Granted
11/10/16 Granted
ZB 1105M Chapelgate Presbyterian Church  11/6/17


ZB 1106M

ZB 1106M, Order

Dorsey's Ridge, LLC.

Dorsey's Ridge, LLC. - Pue-Fulton House Agreement

Granted w/conditions

4/3/17 - Approved

ZB 1107M Olde Scaggsville, LLC.



ZB 1108M
Kevin and Maria Garvey


ZB 1109M Bozzuto Homes, LLC 11/6/17
ZB 1112M Howard Research and Development Corporation 11/6/17
ZB 1113M Howard Research and Development Corporation


ZB 1115M Shelter Development, LLC 6/4/18
ZB 1117M  Michael and Caroline Boosalis 3/14/17
ZB 1121M Orchard Development Corp., et al 6/25/18
ZB Rules of Procedure   3/27/19