What is the Zoning Board process?

  • A petition to amend the Zoning Maps by rezoning a particular property (a piecemeal map amendment) is submitted by an owner of the property, the DPZ, or a member of the Zoning Board. 
  • After receiving a complete application, the DPZ produces a Technical Staff Report, which includes comments from County and State agencies, an evaluation and a recommendation on the proposal. 
  • The Planning Board then holds a public meeting on the petition and makes a recommendation. Interested parties may comment on the proposal by testifying at the meeting.
  • After receiving the Planning Board recommendation and Technical Staff Report, the Zoning Board schedules a public hearing at which the petitioner and other interested parties may testify. 
  • After the public hearing, the Board discusses and votes on the petition at a work session.  Work sessions are open to the public, but no more public comments can be received.
  • A written Decision and Order with the Zoning Board’s action is issued after the work sessions.
  • The Board’s vote is not final until members sign the Decision and Order. The Decision and Order may be appealed to the Howard County Circuit Court within 30 days after it is issued.