Zoning Board


On October 17, 2017, the Zoning Board gave notice that, in order to allow sufficient time for decisions to be prepared and signed by the Zoning Board members prior to this year’s June 26, 2018 legal deadline for completing action on all zoning board applications, all cases would need to be scheduled and heard by mid-April.

The Zoning Board has concluded all Zoning Board scheduling possible within these time constraints. There are two cases scheduled at this time. Please be advised that all further Zoning Board cases will need to be scheduled after the next County Council/Zoning Board takes office in December 2018.

Council members comprise the membership of the Zoning Board, the county's zoning authority. The Zoning Board guides the future growth of the County in accordance with a General Plan which is developed to ensure the most beneficial and coherent relationships among the county's residential, nonresidential and public areas. The County's zoning regulations guard the character, social, and economic stability of the County. 

Jen Terrasa, Chair
Calvin Ball, Vice Chair
Jon Weinstein
Mary Kay Sigaty
Greg Fox

All Zoning Board hearings are held in the Banneker Room unless noted otherwise. For further information, please contact the Zoning Board office at (410) 313-2395.


Zoning Counsel


A Zoning Counsel is employed by the County Council on a part-time, contractual basis. The Zoning Counsel appears at all Zoning Board hearings concerning piecemeal zoning map amendments for the purposes of producing evidence and testimony in support of the comprehensive zoning classification of the property and to facilitate the compilation of a complete record. The Zoning Counsel may present evidence and witnesses, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and present argument, however, does not represent the County, is not a party to a case and does not have a right of appeal in connection with any case. The Zoning Counsel may advise citizens individually and is available to speak to any group regarding zoning procedures in Howard County, but cannot engage in the practice of law or render legal advice. The current Zoning Counsel is Eileen Powers.