In Howard County, the five Council Members also sit as the local Board of License Commissioners, commonly known as the Liquor Board. Their duties, which are described in State law, include issuing and revoking licenses to sell alcoholic beverages and assuring adherence to Maryland laws and the county's rules and regulations pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The Liquor Board has delegated its authority to conduct hearings and render decisions on cases involving alcoholic beverages in the County to a five-member Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board. The Hearing Board's members are representative of the five council districts. Each member of the County Council nominates three people from the district he or she represents to fill a vacancy from that district. The County Executive appoints one member from the nominees, subject to confirmation by the County Council.

Applications for alcoholic beverage licenses in Howard County are accepted and processed by the Administrator for the Board of License Commissioners in the County Council office. These applications are for new liquor licenses, transfer requests, extension of premises, officer changes, a resident agent change, a change of class or for temporary and special liquor licenses. The application shall be prepared by the applicants or under the applicant's personal supervision. The application must be fully completed before the application will be processed by the Administrator.

Board Administrator Information

Kel Berg
(410) 313-3114

Board of License Commissioners

  • David Yungmann, Chair
  • Opel Jones, Vice Chair
  • Deb Jung
  • Christiana Rigby
  • Liz Walsh

Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board Members

  • Harry Evans, Chair
  • Steven Chen, Vice Chair
  • Charley C. Sung
  • Claire Kim
  • Beth Johnson

Decisions and Orders

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