ProjectDox Upgrade

On June 28th, Howard County performed a major upgrade to its ProjectDox software and implemented new plan submission standards for applicants. To learn more about the changes included in this upgrade, click the button below.


The Council Members serve as the Zoning Board, which has the authority under County law for denying or granting an individual request for a piecemeal map amendment or approving or disapproving a development plan (County Code, § 16.200(a)).  The role of the Hearing Examiner is to conduct evidentiary hearings and issue a report to the Zoning Board on matters under the jurisdiction of the Zoning Board, unless the Zoning Board elects to first hear the application.    
The Zoning Board guides the future growth and development of the County in accordance with the General Plan. Every 10 years, State law (Land Use Article, Titles 1, 3, and 4 of the Annotated Code of Maryland) requires the County to adopt a General Plan that guides the coordinated development of the County.  The purpose of the General Plan is to ensure the most beneficial and coherent relationships among the county's residential, nonresidential, and public areas, considering the suitability of each area for these uses, based on existing conditions, trends in population and modes of living, and future requirements, both within the County and in relationship to areas outside of the County.

The County Council has the authority under County law for comprehensive zoning and for amendments to the text of the Howard County zoning regulations.  

Zoning Board Cases

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