The Hearing Examiner, appointed by the County Council, may hear any cases falling within the authority of the Board of Appeal.  The Hearing Examiners hears and decides variances, conditional uses, nonconforming uses, and appeals of departmental administrative decisions. Decisions of the Hearing Examiner may be appealed to the Board of Appeals.

In 2021, the County Council passed CB 77, which allowed the Hearing Examiner to served in a fact-finding capacity for Zoning Board cases.  The Hearing Examiner will begin serving its fact-finding role in the summer of 2023.

Board Administrator Information

Kel Berg
Board Administrator

George Howard Building
3430 Court House Drive
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
(410) 313- 2395

Persons needing accommodations to fully participate in the meeting, please contact the Council Office, 410-313-2001 or email

**Please note if you wish to testify (in Opposition, in Support, or Undecided) there will be sheets at the entrance of the Banneker Room to provide your information. If you wish to testify (in Opposition, in Support, or Undecide) and are only attending virtually via Webex Webinar, you will be called upon at the hearing.

For any clarification or questions please call the Board Administrator.

Hearing Examiners

  • Katherine Taylor, Esq.
  • Joyce Nichols, Esq.

Hearing Examiner Cases

Click on the Case Number to review a specific case. 

Case Number Year Filed  Petitioner Location Status 
BA 808-D 2024 Cardone Captial, LLC 10310 Swift Stream Pl , Buildings 1-14 SCHEDULED
BA 24-006C 2024 Crest Lawn Memorial Gardens, LLC 2190 SW Mount View Road & W Sand Hill Road SCHEDULED
BA 15-024C&V 2015 Naresh C. Das 2028 Millers Mill Rd SCHEDULED
BA 19-039N&V 2024 AK Ghauri, LLC 4235 Montgomery Rd SCHEDULED
BA 809-D 2024 Trinity Homes Maryland, LLC 9060 Upton Rd SCHEDULED
BA 24-005C 2024 Ronald & Therian Brown 9430 Decatur Rd DECISION AND ORDER PENDING
BA 803-D 2023 Michelle & Bradley Kline, et al. 5819 Lawyers Hill Rd


BA 806-D 2023 Dr. Sara Via 4411 Manor Lane POSTPONED