Under State Law (§ 10–305 of the Local Government Article of the Maryland Code), local governments are authorized to establish a Board of Appeals to review decisions and orders made by the County government. The Howard County Board of Appeals hears appeals of administrative decisions regarding land use and certain zoning matters. The Board may authorize variances from the zoning regulations, may hear appeals where a party alleges an error was made, and may authorize land uses provided by the zoning regulations. Decisions by the Board of Appeals can further be appealed to Circuit Court for Howard County.
The Howard County Board of Appeals consists of five residents appointed by the County Council who serve overlapping, five-year terms. These members are paid $5,000 per year, $110 per official public session, and reimbursement for reasonable expenses, up to a maximum cumulative total payment of $16,125 per year. 

The Board may appoint a Hearing Examiner to conduct hearings and issue decisions, which can also be reviewed by the Board of Appeals. 

 Information regarding the Maryland State liquor regulations and the applicable Howard County Code may be found using the links provided below:

Article 25A, Subparagraph (u) of the Annotated Code of Maryland

Howard County Code § 16.301



Board Administrator Information

George Howard Building
3430 Court House Drive
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
(410) 313-2395 
Kel Berg


Persons needing accommodations to fully participate in meetings, please contact the Council Office, 410-313-2001 or email [email protected]


**Please note if you wish to testify (in Opposition, in Support, or Undecided) there will be sheets at the entrance of the Banneker Room to provide your information. If you wish to testify (in Opposition, in Support, or Undecided) and are only attending virtually via Webex Webinar, you will be called upon at the hearing.

For any clarifications or questions please call the Board Administrator.

Board of Appeals Cases

Click on the Case Number to review a specific case. 

Case Number Year Filed Petitioner Location Status
BA 22-023 C&V 2023

Maryland International School, Inc

6135 Old Washington Road SCHEDULED
BA 789-D 2022 Lubna Khan 12345 S. Wake Forest Road SCHEDULED
BA 790-D 2023 Lubna Khan 12345 S. Wake Forest Road SCHEDULED
BA 23-012V 2023 Alejandro Rodriguez 3202 Florence Road