Decisions and Orders

Case Number Date Filed Petitioner Location Summary Status
BA 23-017V John Keller & Elena Keller 4887 Wharff Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21043 Residential District Variance Petition requesting to increase the maximum cumulative lot coverage permitted for all of the detached accessory structures located on any given residential lot developed with a single-family detached dwelling from 600 sq. ft. to 1,304 sq. ft. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 24-001V Karen Mosel 13931 Hallowell Ct, Dayton MD 21036 Residential Variance petition requesting relief from an existing side setback to extend 16.6 ft into left side 30' setback to allow for an accessory structure of a proposed 24'x30' detached two-car garage. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 805-D Chengen Li 2620 Louanne Ct, West Friendship Maryland 21043 Administrative Appeal Petition of the denial of an Accessory Apartment Permit application 23-018. Decision Made,
BA 23-026C Chesapeake Conference Association of 7th Day Adventists 6520 Martin Road, Columbia, Maryland 21044 Conditional Use Petition requesting an expansion of an existing Conditional Use (BA 99-60E) to add one 2,666 sq. ft. modular classroom. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 23-025C Mount Zion United Methodist Church Board of Trustees 12230 Scaggsville Road, Highland, MD 20777
Conditional Use Petition requesting a new 40’x70’ single story open air pavilion with external concrete pads and parking area connection. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 23-021C CI Solar RR, LLC 13815 Howard Road, Lot A1
Dayton Maryland, 21036
Conditional Use petition requesting approval of a 6.28 acre commercial solar facility on RC-DEO zoned property. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 23-024V Krista Flores and Carmelo R. Ruiz 5036 Dover Court
Columbia, MD 21044
Residential Variance petition requesting to reduce the required 10 ft. side setback by 2.5 feet for an existing addition that will be 7.5 ft from the side property line. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 23-022C Grace Chinese Christian Church 6275 Old Washington Blvd
Elkridge, MD 21046
Conditional Use petition seeking certain modifications to the existing Conditional Use approved under BA 18- 021 C&V to incorporate portions of the neighboring parcels to allow the continued use of the existing drive aisles and the replacement of certain required landscaping thereunder. Decision Made, Granted,
BA 18-031 C&V Columbia Community Church (WORK SESSION) Thomas Williams Way and 5629 Tricross Drive Conditional use to enlarge an existing religious facility and a Variance to reduce the front or side structure setback from a public road right-of-way from 50 ft. to 14 ft. for an existing residence. Decision Made, Denied,
BA 23-009V David Fleming 8718 Peachtree Lane, Laurel, Maryland 20723 Residential Variance Petition requesting to build an uncovered deck on rear of house. Deck will be 10 ft. from rear property line. It will extend 20 ft. from rear of home. Decision Made, Granted,