Hearing Examiner

Howard County Hearing Examiners:

Joyce Nichols, Esq.
Katherine Taylor, Esq.

The Howard County Hearing Examiner will host hybrid hearings for the below cases.

The hearings will be Webinar hearings and will not be livestreamed.  However, they will be posted on the Council website at a later time. If you would like to join the meetings to view and hear the presentation, or if you wish to testify, you will need to click on the links provided on this page at the time of the hearing.

Persons needing accommodations or translation to fully participate, please contact the Council Office at 410-313-2001.

All Exhibits must be submitted to [email protected] 24 hours before the hearing.

For additional information please e-mail [email protected]


**Please note if you wish to testify (in opposition, in support, or undecided) there will be sheets at the entrance of the Banneker Room to provide your information. If you wish to testify (in opposition, in support, or undecided) and are only attending virtually via WebEx Webinar, you will be called upon at the hearing. 
For any clarifications or questions please call the Board Administrator at 410-313-2395. 


February 22, 2023 @ 5:30pm 
BA 794-D Dr. Sara Via, et al

Administrative Appeal of Decision and Order dated
November 17, 2022.
(441 Manor Lane Ellicott City, Maryland 21042)

Webex Webinar Link pending

Case Materials:

February 28, 2023 @10:00am
BA 22-034V Benjamin Solomon

Variance Petition to reduce rear setbacks for proposed covers
porch/patio that will encroach into the required setback by
approximately 5 feet.
(8211 Stauffer Avue, Fulton Maryland 20759)

Hybrid Hearing - Webinar Link pending 

Case Materials:
Revised Petition


March 8, 2023 @5:30pm
BA 22-023C&V Maryland International Schools, Inc.

Conditional Use & Residential Variance Petition request for
Expansion of an existing conditional use (BA 00-15E; BA 15-
013C) to include building, three additional structure, and the
relocation of a 5,000 sq. ft. playground. Variance request
to increase the maximum height limitation for a principal
structure by 11.09’ to a maximum height of 51.24’
(6135 Old Washington Road Elkridge, Maryland 21075)

Hybrid Hearing - Webinar link pending

Case Materials:
Narrative Supplement (Revised)
Petition (Condition)
Petition (Variance)
Pre-Sub Documentation
Revised Plan
Revised Exhibit


March 16, 2023 @10:00am
BA 22-030V Eric Steinberg

Residential Variance petition requesting to reduce the required
50' structure setback to 32' for the purpose of a garage addition
to accommodate accessibility improvements for a person with
(4263 Knobs End Court Ellicott City, Maryland 21042)

Hybrid Hearing - Webinar link pending

Case Materials: 
Narriative Supplement


March 22, 2023 @5:30pm
BA 22-029C&V McDonald's Corporation

Conditional Use and Variance petition requesting to replace exisiting one-lane drive through with a two-lane drive through to permit 49 off-street parking spaces.
(7878 Pocomoke Avenue Jessup, Maryland 20794)

Hybrid Hearing - Webinar link pending

Case Materials:
Revised Petition (Cond. Use)
Revised Petition (Variance)


March 29, 2023 @ 5:30pm
BA 793-D Patrice Salmon
Administrative Appeal of DPZ Decision and Order dated
November 10, 2022.
(9141 Old Scaggsville Road Laurel, Maryland 20723)
Council District 3

Hybrid Hearing- Webinar Link pending

Case Materials:


A hearing examiner, appointed by the County Council, may hear any cases falling within the authority of the Board of Appeals. Decisions of the hearing examiner may be appealed to the Board of Appeals.